Chairman’s foreword

Terms of reference and membership

1 A vision for 20 years: the learning society

2 The Committee’s approach to its work

3 Higher education today

4 The wider context

5 Aims and purposes

6 Future demand for higher education

7 Widening participation in higher education

8 Students and learning

9 The nature of programmes

10 Qualifications and standards

11 Supporting research and scholarship

12 The local and regional role of higher education

13 Communications and Information Technology

14 Staff in higher education

15 Management and governance of higher education institutions

16 The pattern of institutions which provide higher education

17 The funding requirement

18 Who should pay for higher education

19 Funding learning and teaching

20 Student support and graduate contributions

21 Enabling individuals to make their contribution

22 Government and higher education institutions

23 Higher education in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

24 Next steps


A List of recommendations

B How the Committee carried out its work

C Chapter references

D Glossary of acronyms

E Glossary of terms

F Bibliography


1 Report on Northern Ireland